Looking for something fun, fast and full of lots of great exercises to do at home or where ever you are? Commit to just 20 minutes a day for 30 days and see results which will thrust you into a new and empowered sense of control over your body and mind like never before.

Shake off your bad habits and get motivated with this short term plan that will ramp up your metabolism and help increase your energy levels, with everything you need including; 

Kickstart contents

Designed from beginning to end with you in mind, the plan gradually builds on intensity over 3 phases of 10 days each. This plan is perfect for anyone with limited time, equipment, space and motivation. This plan will help you break through any barriers you might have faced before and will change your mindset towards exercise and nutrition making it easy to continue once the plan is completed.  PLEASE NOTE: Once you have signed up for the Kickstart Plan we will email you your 30 day meal plan, countdown calendar and your p4 BodyBands will be sent out to you in the post.

*The one off payment to this video plan give you unlimited access for 12 months and will be added to your account alongside any other video you purchase in a secure members area.