Do you want to get fit but are struggling to stay motivated to workout? Or maybe you have been going great guns but have all of a sudden hit a wall and no longer have the same drive and energy it takes to exercise.

Follow our top tips on how to stay seriously motivated during your workouts and really ramp up those results! 


1. Write it down

When ever you feel like giving up, just remember why you started. Write it down and stick it up somewhere you can see it. If you are feeling un motivated, look at why you want it so bad and then go for it!

2. Music

Music can be massively helpful when you are trying to muster the energy to train. As well as providing an upbeat, fun environment, slower more rhythmic music can help calm and focus your mind helping you switch off to all the other things you feel need your attention. What ever rocks your world, put it on, turn it up and enjoy an awesome workout!

3. Image 

A picture paints a thousand words. Many of us are very visual creatures and having a picture in mind or actually pinned on your wall or fridge can really help with gearing up to those tough sessions. Whether it's a picture of you a few years ago or your best body idol, having something to focus on will really help you achieve success. Just remember though to keep it achievable, although a Victoria Secret model or Brad Pitt is what most of us would like, this may lead only to frustration and irritation. 

4. Intention

Set an intention before you begin your workout. By this I mean what it is you would like to achieve. 'Just getting through it' maybe be a personal victory but its not the best intention. Your body does what your mind tells it, so take a minute and think about what you would like to feel or accomplish in that session. 'Feeling more energised' or 'getting those core abdominals to finally stitch on' are just two good examples. 

5. Give yourself space

If you are anything like us you cannot be around clutter. A clear space is a clear mind. Take a few minutes before your session to clear a small area for where you want to work out. Set up any equipment that you will need during your session and have a glass of water at the ready, this way you will not get frustrated wasting precious 'you' time during your workout. 

6. Turn calls and messages off

You may feel that that call or message is urgent but in reality, is it? If it can wait 45 minutes or so then make it. Stopping for calls or to reply to messages really does effect your results in the long term. It's so easy to be 'on call' these days but allow yourself some time where you focus only on you, your mind and body will be far more productive afterward.

7. Tracking

This is key and the secret to success! The main pitfall about training but not tracking, is that you quickly lose motivation as it may seem that you are not getting anywhere. Whether it's your weight, distance on the bike per hour or how long you can hold a plank for, tracking is a great way to stay on track and motivated.

Why not book in for a free consultation and let one of the P4 Team guide you through and help you boost your motivation!