We've all been there, doing tough workouts, losing weight, feeling healthy then, BAM..it stops. 

Check out P4 Body's top 5 reasons why you may have stopped losing weight and kick start your body back into gear, burning fat fast.

1. You are doing too much.....

of the same thing. Doing the same type of exercise at the same intensity over and over means your body will adapt and then plateau. Keeping up the consistency of your workouts and then gradually increase the intensity or trying something new, will help keep you seeing great results. Your workouts should be varied and follow a progressive programme for the very best results. 

2. You are not doing resistance exercises

This makes many people feel uneasy but we promise you this, using light to moderate weight including your own body weight will NOT turn you into a bulky bodybuilder. Simple bodyweight squats, lunges and press up type movements will steadily increase your lean mass (muscle) and then increase your metabolism, meaning more fat burn and a more lean, toned body. 

3. You are still eating bad foods

Working out does NOT signal a green light to relax on what you eat. While exercising and then eating what you want might seem like a good idea, it wont mean dramatic weight loss. Nourish your body with healthy, wholesome food and enjoy the bad stuff only as a treat every now and again.

4. You are NOT eating enough

Eating too little or too little of the right foods means a decline in your metabolism. Your body has one function, to survive. Restricting what it needs will only mean it will hold on to what it gets, resulting in stubborn fat stores. Fuel your body regularly with healthy protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and lots of fruit and vegetables for best results. 

5. You are not getting enough rest

Work hard rest hard, the key to long term, sustainable weight loss. You have to put in some serious effort to see changes in your body but if you do not get ample rest, your body will not recover and the effort in your workouts will eventually decline. The result? A reduction in weight loss and no more results. 

7. You no longer need to 

While we all love to see the number on the scales drop, its important to remember weight loss does not always equal results. If you are carrying extra pounds its likely that you will drop a fair amount at first but as you become lighter the loss slows down. This is especially true if you are doing much needed resistance exercises which will help develop muscle tone. Don't forget you are made up of more than just fat and the number on the scales represent lean muscle too. If you feel that your weight loss has slowed down but you are still working hard, then have your body fat % measured and work on that as a new goal.