For some of the thought of exercise just doesn't evoke a huge sense of enthusiasm and raw memories of school PE class in the rain are all too fresh. 

Whether it's the idea of walking into a packed gym or exercise class or simply getting hot and sweaty, no matter whats holding you back the great news is that its doesn't have to be that way and you can get fit when you hate exercises! 



Working out doesn’t have to mean dull repetitions in a bleak, smelly gym, it can be fun! Dancing is a fantastic way to get fit and it's also good for lifting the soul. You get to learn a skill, make new friends and laugh, so why not look up some local dance classes and shake that booty?


Do it at home

If you really think about it, so much time goes into making your way to the gym, queuing at reception and then getting changed, all this effort before you have even begun! Working out at home means you can get it done with minimal effort, without even leaving your living room. The added benefit? Showers who’s only hair is yours and no ‘I forgot my clean pants’ drama afterward, win win.


Release your inner child

Rock-climbing, trampolining, windsurfing, ice skating and football are all amazing ways to burn some calories the fun way. Why not explore some new activities and commit to something new once per week? The family will thank you for some quality time too.


Get close  

Boosting your feel good hormones, getting some quality time with your other half AND burning some extra calories are just some of the reasons why sex is great for your health. Just make sure you make it a priority in your busy week’s schedule though.


Make it easy

Yes you read it right, make your workout easy! One of the most daunting things about training is that it can be tough. In order to establish a routine, you just need to get going so start simple. A gentle 20-minute stretch and body weight session, done a few times a week will leave you feeling a millions times better had you not done it at all and over time you will start to see some real results.


Do it with a mate

A little healthy competition and lots of laughs along the way is guaranteed to take the 'work' out of your workout. Training with a friend will also help keep you accountable and stick to the training dates you set.