With the fitness industry in over drive right now, more and more home workouts are becoming accessible.  Whether it's the idea of walking into a packed gym, the pressure of an exercise class or simply the dread of getting hot and sweaty, no matter what's holding you back, it doesn't have to be that way. You can get fit even when you hate exercise! 

Saves Time

Something most of us lack these days and when we do manage to carve out an hour or two to go to the gym, we are too knackered to face it. Working out at home means no travel time, no waiting for equipment, no long winded getting ready in over crowed locker rooms and no waiting for the bus home, it can be as simple as wake up, workout, get ready, start your day!

Saves Money

We've all been there, bright eyed and bushy tailed with a newly signed gym contract in our hand, promising to go at least 4 times per week..the reality? Week two and we're already slacking. Not great for the body goals and even worse for the bank balance. The solution? Workout at home! Whether you invest in home workout equipment or a cost effective home workout plan it can save a small fortune in the long run. 


Not ready to shimmy through a packed gym in those figure hugging Adidas leggings just yet? Then fear not! Doing your workouts at home means you can wear exactly what you like without caring one bit...that also goes for the bed head and last nights make up!


When it comes to getting to the gym, some weeks seem easy and others a complete nightmare. In order to see long term, sustained results consistency is key so it's far better to work out a training solution that will suit your lifestyle right at the beginning and then stick to it. If making it to the gym 3/4 times per week just won't happen then maybe home workouts might just be the route to take. 

Work at your own pace

Gyms are competitive places and this can mean trying to do as much as your treadmill neighbour or keep up with the class but this doesn't mean good results, it can lead to burn out and injury. With a bespoke training programme or app you can workout at your own pace, building up however you feel comfortable, in your own time, safely.