Going on holiday no longer has to mean weeks away from keeping your body in tip top condition or working towards that goal. Sure, time away from exercise can actually be beneficial from time to time, however if you find that the vacations and long weekends away soon mount up, take a look at our top ways you can still workout while on holiday. 


1. Intensity

The chances are you don't want to spend the whole time sweating it out in the gym, but you do want to balance the holiday indulgence and get some workouts in the bag. This is always a perfect opportunity to up the high intensity work and reduce the over all length of your session. Just 20 minutes working at a high to low intensity ratio of 30:30 seconds, choosing explosive moves like squat jumps, plyometric push ups and running on the spot.


2. Get creative

Don't think that you have to waste valuable luggage allowance on packing bulky exercise equipment. Most rooms have all you need to create a mini gym, perfect for holiday workouts. A strong stable chair is perfect for steps ups, tricep dips and incline push ups, large water bottles make perfect dumbbells and just as long as you have a tiny bit of floor space you can do body weight moves such as lunges and ab work.


3. Bands

If you did fancy taking things up a little, then why not add some resistance using band? Light weight, easy to pack and versatile you can easily create a total body workout just from one or two bands.

We never leave home without our set of P4 Body Bands.


4. Cardio

Going for a run can seem drab when most of the year at home is grey with rain and you're trying to fit it in around a long day at work, but running while away can be liberating. Nicer, lighter conditions mean you can use this time to clear your head and even take in some local sights.

Why not time yourself from a start point to end location and see if you can beat it a little each time you head out. Many of our Online PRO members love using Strava to track their cardio progress. 


5. Take your PT with you

Now, unless you are seriously financially well endowed, we mean a virtual personal trainer, or online coach. Investing in a personal trainer online means you can take them with you where ever you go, adapting your workouts to fit you holiday time and equipment available, taking the brain power out of staying fit and fight the flab while on holiday!