Want to eat healthier food and stop allowing for so many treats at home? Then it's time to get tough at the tills! 

Follow our 8 top shopping tips that will make eating healthier at home, easier for everyone.


1. Choose your aisles wisely

Just because you are in the supermarket does not mean you have to go down every aisle. Get to know the naughty ones and cut them out all together, this way you will be less likely to fill the trolley up with treats. 

Additionally, take some time to get to know the 'healthy' aisle and see what's on offer there. You'll be surprised at the range of delicious products on the market these days, Nakd, TREK and Love Raw being some of our healthy treat alternatives. 



2. Sugar is not a birth right

Eating healthily is not a punishment, and put bluntly, sugar is not a birth right. What's good for your body should be good for everyone.

Loading up on crisps, biscuits, chocolate and fizzy drinks to have at home whenever your family feel like it, doesn't pave the way for a balanced relationship with treats going forward. 

Remember what you buy at the shops and take home, is entirely your choice, so make a better one for everyone, not just yourself. 


3. Choose ONE treat together

Now we're not being mean, we have kids too and we know that you want them to enjoy some of the good (naughty) stuff from time to time, and why not...life's for living after all. But instead of a supermarket raid and free for all, why not decide on one nice treat to share together, such as your favourite ice cream or chocolate cake to enjoy together on Saturday night maybe...

Your wallet will thank you as much as your waistline will. 


4. If they want it, THEY hold it

This one works well on less supportive spouses and family members.

Get a separate trolley or basket and any processed/high sugar/unhealthy products they want, gets put in their basket or trolly!

It's a real eyeopener for all and highlights just how much of the bad stuff easily slips through the net during a routine shopping trip. 


5. Put the bad stuff through separately

Again, this is an excellent exercise for the other half or anyone who is not so keen on jumping on the healthy eating bandwagon.

Split the healthy food and the unhealthy stuff at the till, paying for each section separately. Compare the bill and see just how much you spend on the unnecessary bad stuff, it will really hit

home once the hard earned cash is handed over. 


6. Go in armed with a shopping list or food plan

This way you have a clearly defined goal and way to stick to the plan.

If you are following a meal plan, then use that, or why not check out our P4 eBook Foods For Life, complete with a healthy eating shopping list already done for you!

Add your treat of choice to the list and get only that one thing.


7. Don't go shopping hungry

We have all done it, gone in starving and come out £800 poorer and a car full of nothing but crisps!

Have a small healthy snack in your bag and eat it before you go in, your will power will hold up much better this way. 


8. Get the family involved

Explore everything on offer in the fruit and vegetable section. Don't just go for your normal stick of celery and bunch of bananas.......have fun!

Let the family choose something they would like to try (even if you wouldn't) and look up what to do with the new and exciting produce.




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