Busy diaries, tighter budgets and a big want to get that perfect body, means more and more of us are looking for practical ways to workout at home. While we love a gym session, sometimes it just isn't going to happen.

Check out our 5 ways you can create a low budget gym right in your own home!


1. Stairs

Timed laps, interval runs or longer bouts of cardio, the stairs can provide all you need to get seriously fit.

Our PRO online members love that they don't need to spend hours on boring treadmills to get the same benefits from what they have right at home...their staircase!


2. Keep it simple and build it up

You don't need to call in the furniture removal people and replace your bed with an Olympic bar, in order to be able to workout at home.

Start building a small collection of equipment which is versatile and easily stored away. A set of dumbbells, a kettle bell or a suspension trainer are all amazing examples of this and can be purcahsed on a budget. 


2. Chair

Providing it's strong and safe, the humble chair is the most versatile of all the home workout equipment. Give us a chair and we'll give you a full, total body workout!

Step ups, tricep dips, Bulgarian split squats, bent over rows and mountain climbers are just a few examples of the exercises you can do using a chair at home.


3. Bands

We love a band here at P4 Body and defiantly recommend making a small investment in a few good quality bands if you are going to be working out at home.

From mini band side walking, hip thrusts and clams to longer resistance band upper body pulls, they come in all different lengths and resistances, ensuring you can get a great workout right where you are.


4. Climber

One of our bigger investments this year was a Maxi Climber.

Still at a reasonable price compared to other less effective cardio machines available to buy, it is a great investment and one which will soon pay off. Adding a few climbing intervals into your circuits at home will really ramp up your results, fast.

Another reason we love it?...It doesn't need any power to work and folds away flat, making it perfect for the smaller spaces at home.