We've never met a single person who is 100% happy in their own skin and with the rise of social media has come a wave of people left in the shadows feeling inadequate and struggling to keep up with the (perceived) lives of those around them. 

It's all too easy to believe every single post coming from someone you idolise, but it has never been so important to keep firmly in mind that people tend to only show the good bits about themselves and so feeds quickly become a 'highlight reel' not 'real life'. 

Now is the time to break free from feeling second best and suffering with low self esteem and confidence. 

Follow our top tips in which you can feel more confident and happy in your own skin right away!


Mirror Mirror

Once a week stand in front of a mirror and note 2 things you love about your face, body or mind.

Every single time you feel less than amazing, say those two things out loud or write them down and spend a good minute or two really thinking about your best bits.  

Why not try an affirmation app such as Unique Daily Affirmations and enjoy some serious positivity in your life. 


Celebrate Your Body Daily  

Your body is the best tool you will ever have to express who you are. Celebrate your youth/strength/curves/skin/health/boobs and enjoy yourself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Have a wardrobe detox and clear out anything which is old or being kept as a 'throw on' or just 'comfortable' and make a promise to yourself to put something on every single day which makes you feel happy in your own skin.


Look Back

Have you ever looked back at old photos and thought, 'wow, I wasn't as fat/skinny/ugly/flat chested as I felt at the time?' And then kicked yourself at how you just didn't see it at the time?

Well fast forward to right now. One day you will look back and see yourself as others see you now.

Don't waste another single day on feeling bad about yourself, see yourself through your loved ones eyes and embrace you for who you are.  


Take a Break From Social Media

We are big fans of all things social media and truly believe that it opens up a whole world of opportunity not once accessible to all.

But as with all good things, sadly come the bad and a regular break from your phone may just be what you need.  

The beauty of social media is that you can filter your life.  People carefully photograph and post perfect pictures with their wonderfully behaved kids, stunning partner in head to toe in designer gear, all running along a white sandy beach, somewhere exotic in February and while this is something to aspire to perhaps, it wont make you feel great if you start to believe the story.

No one lives a perfect life and indeed even fewer are perfect themselves. 

So next time you square up to an Instagram icon, maybe scratch beneath the surface a little and know that you are in no way any less adiquate than anyone else. 



Exercise doesn't have to be a horrible experience and honestly, there's something for everyone.

When we created P4 Body, one of the main reasons for doing so was to be able to empower people who would never step foot in a gym, to feel good about themselves again.

Keep it simple and if the idea of a big gym or sweaty class fills you with dread, start simply with a home workout plan you can do in just 20 minutes a day.

Your body will thank you and all those feel good hormones will give your confidence the boost it needs. 



We hear about mindfulness a lot these days and people often have a preconceived idea as to what it actually is. 

Also referred to as 'meditation' mindfulness is taking time out to still the mind, allowing a reconnection with body and spirt allowing you to spend some time away from the stresses of your day and to go inward.

It has been proven to help with many emotional and psychological issues and can really help lower anxiety and improve self esteem.

We love the apps Stop Breathe & Think, Headspace and Daily Yoga for help and guidance of regular mindfulness. 



So let your inner light shine and remember no one else is or can be you! We hope you found this post helpful. Please feel free to leave us a comment below.