When working out means a lot to you, it’s important to feel raring to go. There’s nothing worse than walking into the gym feeling tired or weak. The good news?  Trainer and co-founder of P4 Body, Linda, has given us her tips on how to be super duper prepared for your workout. Think sleep, food and feeling organised… all our favourite things!

As featured in Zaggora


1. Rest

A funny one to start with especially when we’re talking about activity, but I truly believe that you cannot pour from an empty cup. To get the best out of your workouts, ensure that you make rest a priority too. Getting to bed the night before no later than 10pm and allowing for structured rest days will really help propel your training results.


2. Fuel

You wouldn’t put cheap fuel in a sports car and expect it to run well – the same goes for your body. Just because you’re exercising doesn’t mean you can eat bad food and get away with it. For maximum energy and vitality, eat a diet of natural, whole foods, limiting treats to once or twice per week. Ensure you eat regularly during the day, and consume something around 30-60 minutes before your workout.


3. Yoga

Balance is everything in all we do. If you want to hit it hard and get some good training results, then I recommend you get your yoga on. Alternating the gym with yoga will help lengthen and stretch your muscles and connective tissue as well as relaxing your nervous system, all the opposite to what occurs in your body during a typical workout.


4. Plan

Planning is everything. Never go in not knowing what you will be working on and even better, go in armed with a full workout plan. This will save time and help keep the intensity up, ensuring you maximize your training results. If you’re not too confident on what you should be doing, then why not sign up to an online training plan or trainer? Doing some online research will also prove beneficial.


5. Get help

Whether this is asking those around you to watch the kids, a best buddy to come along for moral support or simply some workout advice from a fitness professional, if you want this to work long term, ask for help. Training should be enjoyable, not stressful, so get the right support and enjoy every minute.


6. Hydration

So important! I know we’ve all heard it a thousand times, but even a small level of dehydration can lead to reduced energy and not being able to push yourself when training. For those who find H2O somewhat dull, why not get yourself a water diffuser bottle and naturally flavour it with fruit, vegetables and herbs.


7. Prep your bag

Preparation and planning prevents poor performance…There’s nothing worse than getting to the gym or that class and realising that you’ve only got the leggings that fall down, no sports bra and have forgotten your head phones! Being prepared equals a smooth, productive session.


8. Set your intention

It’s so easy to fly from one thing to another in your busy day without actually paying attention to how you feel. Before starting your workout, take a few minutes to scan your body, paying attention to how it’s feeling. Set an intention for how you’d like to feel after your workout…the body follows the mind, so if you want to feel less stress, more energised and generally happier than when you went in….think it!