TRX straps look so pro. Believe it or not, there’s a reason why gym bunnies love them. Trainer and Co-Founder of P4 Body, Linda Jones, talks to us about why you should be using them and what you can gain!

As featured in Zaggora

Workout anywhere

I am a big fan of anything that means you can get a good workout wherever you are, and being able to do so is one of the key principles behind P4 Body.

Using a TRX or suspension trainer, is an amazing way of being able to set up a total body workout at home, in the park, or in the office. It’s very easy to pack too, so it makes a great travel companion for when you go away, enabling you to continue your workout routine anywhere in the world!


You are almost always working your core

Your core is more than just a 6 pack and it is what keeps you strong, stable and functional. It is made up of just about every part of your body which isn’t your arms and legs and is functional in all 3 planes of movement.

When you are using a TRX your core has to work hard to stabilise your body in whatever movement you are performing, as opposed to when you are fixed on a bench or machine, and so you get a stronger core in the process and because your body is working harder, you get faster results.


You can train your whole body

You can literally train your whole body using only a TRX or suspension trainer which is a BIG time saver when you are in a busy gym.

Not having to keep moving from station or machine to train a different body part means you can speed up the whole process. This will also mean that your heartrate is kept to an optimum level ensuring that you keep burning those calories throughout your session.


Helps to improve your joint stability and balance

It’s not only your core working on the double when using a TRX, it’s pretty much every joint your body while exercising on it.

Because movement on a suspension trainer isn’t in a fixed plane (either back and forth or left to right without the ability to deviate from that path) your joints have to kick in and ensure you stay where you need to be. This is a powerful tool when recovering from injury (always seek professional help when rehabilitating), play any competitive, explosive sport or trying to develop improved balance and proprioception.


Any ability level can use It

Nearly all of the key exercises using a TRX such a push up, squat, lunge, pull or row and core movements can be either regressed or progressed, meaning no matter where you are on your workout journey, anyone can give it a try.