1. Don’t force it

When you feel low on energy or like you're just not giving it enough, you tend to try and force more out of yourself. 

While this may work for small motivational ruts, it can be completely counterproductive when hitting a major plateau.

If you feel like you’re over tired, working too hard or have stopped seeing results all together, come away from everything you’ve been doing and just take a few days out to reassess. 


2. Get Some Professional Help 

Asking a fitness professional for advice is likely the fastest way to ramp up your motivation and results once more.

Having a better understanding of what you are doing, how your body works and ways to push forward, will dig you out of any fitness rut rapido! 


3. Change it up 

Sometimes it’s not stopping exercise entirely that will shake you up and out of a plateau, it’s just about changing things up a bit. 

If you’ve been hitting the weights hard recently, then why not try mixing up your sessions with some varying forms of cardio and yoga? Or maybe sign up to a fun class such as dance, boxing or reaction training to help get the fitness juices flowing again! 


4. Rest 

The all-important forgotten entity when it comes to long term, continued training success.... rest!

If you keep on pushing your body too hard, it will eventually push back and this normally manifests in the form of injury, severe fatigue and  plateau.

The basic balance principles should apply here so if you are training hard, your rest, sleep and recovery should match.

Plan your week and ensure that you factor in around 2 rest days and plenty of early nights!


5. Shake up your nutrition 

For most people, when starting a brand-new training programme...your body will adapt and change, even if you have failed to give your diet a healthy overhaul too.

However, if you aren’t eating as well as you know you could be this initial success won’t last forever and it won’t be long before the dreaded plateau hits.

If this is where you’re at right now, it’s probably time to take a look at what exactly you are eating and drinking over the whole week by keeping an honest food diary, and then deciding on 3 things you can work on initially to improve it.

As time moves on, keep adding something new that you can do to change, to help keep results coming from your workouts.

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