With summer behind us, the beach body motivation might feel like it's passed too, but just because you're unlikely to be half naked on a beach in front of total strangers, doesn't mean you should stop with the body goals.

Switch it up and take some time to understand that while we love working out during the summer, it has also been a period of increased excess.

Here's how you can be on your way to feeling awesome this autumn! 


1.  Shed Your Summer Skin (and Body Fat!)

Holidays, drinking wine on long, sunny afternoons and more BBQ's than you can shake a stick at, can all mean that you may have put on a few extra pounds, instead of actually losing them.

The plus? Now is the perfect time to settle down into some focused time, a quieter social calendar and set new goals, making a fantastic autumnal health plan!


2. Soul Food

One of the biggest hurdles on the food front when the leaves start to fall, is the lack of motivation when it comes to sticking to the green leaves in your bowl! Salads are so often associated with summer time and not so much during colder, shorter autumn weeks.

A bowl of healthful, nutritious food is much more than just iceburg lettuce and few chopped tomatoes...so why not try a warming homemade chicken soup recipe or go for a 'warm' salad by adding cooked garlic mushrooms, grains or root vegetables like baked sweet potato. You can find our warming 'Mamas satisfying salad' in our eBook Foods For Life. 


3. New Beginnings

Once we've finished mourning the end of summer time and have come to terms with the seasonal full circle, September can actually feel like an exciting new chapter.

Beautiful low light, awe-inspiring colours and new routines, can bring about a renewed sense of self and a time of being able to work out exactly what it is you want to achieve and then just how you can make it happen.

Just like at school, treat September as the beginning of your new 'health year' and maybe start something you haven't tried before? Whether it's that yoga course, a new personal trainer or simply getting your hands on a new healthy recipe book, set the wheels in motion and get seriously motivated for some big change ahead.


4. Christmas Goals

We've mentioned about goals and this is a great one come fall.

With approx. 15 weeks until Christmas, this is the ideal length of time to see some serious results. Think about that big christmas event and treat yourself to a dream dress/suit in a size too small, then get moving and feel awesome by the time party season arrives!


5. Protect Yourself From Colds and Flu

The one thing we all dread when the seasons start to change? The cold and flu bugs that follow! 

The key to feeling full of awesomeness this autumn, is going in armed and boost your immune system right from the start.

If you are beginning to feel run down or under the weather, cancel those social plans and get an early night. Tiredness and drinking too much alcohol can really drain your system, fast.

Keeping up with regular physical activity, and ensuring that you eat lots of wonderful nutrients at every meal will give you a fighting chance to feel your very best as the nights draw in.