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Balance is everything, and the true secret to a healthy, happy body. If you workout out then you have to 'work in' as well, which is why we have been recommending our clients to one of London's elite therapists Nicole from Zom Therapies for years.  

A miracle worker and true health hero, we catch up with Nicole and delve into the magic of connecting body, mind and spirt through Reiki, massage and meditation. 

It’s great to chat with you, Nicole, we’ve been working with you since 2010 and helping many mutual clients in this time. Tell me, why is personal training and massage such a great combination? Therapies

In the same way you wouldn’t do an intense training session with your clients on, say, their legs day after day, because the muscle fibres need time to rest and heal. A massage, done well, greatly improves the effectiveness and quality of this rest between training sessions. Massage increases blood and lymphatic flow, which assists removal of the build-up of waste material and healing the micro-trauma from training. The fresh oxygen and nutrients brought into the area by the arteries as the circulation is increased enhances that regeneration process.


Some people may perceive massage to be a luxury. Tell us why someone can book a massage guilt free?

Everyone deserves wellness, and to be nurtured, and there are so many scientifically proven benefits of massage therapy.

Massage improves joint mobility; it reduces muscle tension; reduces high blood pressure; reduces anxiety and stress (by decreasing cortisol and increasing serotonin and dopamine). Massage can also improve quality and quantity of sleep and the list could keep going on.

Another benefit is massage increases body awareness. One of the reasons I love working with people who train is they tend to be much more aware of their body. This really helps because people understand when I explain what I do and the different techniques I use, and also if there are any stretches or after care I might recommend.


How many sessions would someone need?

I usually suggest weekly to begin with. Depending on each individual’s goals for treatment, if there are any injuries to work with and their lifestyle. Some people find this regular maintenance perfect for their wellbeing, others prefer fortnightly or around their travel schedules. Monthly is a great way to keep in check, like a regular MOT, it keeps things in balance and helps work out any niggles before they turn into anything more.

Encouraging these monthly sessions is why my courses are valid for 12months, so people have the flexibility to work around their schedule or have more regular sessions if they prefer. It’s important people find the right fit, so I offer a money back guarantee after the first session on my courses, this is enough time to make sure I can provide everything they need, to feel the initial benefits and to see the potential that’s possible from massage therapy.

Some people have amazing benefits during the first session, others take more time to settle in, fully relax and wholly receive the treatment. Just like investing in good nutrition and regular training the more massage you receive, the more you will gain from its benefits. The more your body receives the deeper and more effective massage becomes.

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You mentioned injury, how do you work with these?

I look at the body as a whole, so as well as dealing directly with the problem, I also work to identify imbalances that may be causing the injury or how the rest of the system is being compromised or effected. Many injuries develop slowly over time, which is why it’s so great working with P4Body because P4Body are so thorough with form during training. We can catch the biomechanics and imbalances and we can work together so effectively. This early detection and treatment can prevent further injury.


Biggest inspiration and why? 

Working with a client who has been in long term pain they could barely remember life without the discomfort. And then the surprise they have after treatment, discovering this new pain-free reality.


What motivates you?

I really enjoy helping people feel better so they can be their best and get the most out of life.


Favourite quote

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” ― The Dalai Lama


What makes you happy?

Face time with niece in Australia, yoga, socialising with friends and all the fun, love and entertainment dogs bring.