P4 Real Results Pro Member Libby Taylor

About Me

*Im a 26 year old who lives and works full time in London. I am an events coordinator for a large bar chain. I enjoy good times and a few treats and believe in balance in life. 


Start Date

PRO Online since June 2015


Results So Far

*I have lost around 7kg, dropped 2 dress sizes and have gone from 24% body to 19%. 


Reasons Why I Started P4

*I have always struggled with motivation and have had a few gym memberships over the years, none of which I have kept any routine with. I really felt like I wanted to balance my enjoyment of all things fun with some exercise as my health is important to me and I enjoy taking care of myself. I needed someone to keep me motivated and to be held accountable to without paying hundreds of pounds per month on a personal trainer. 


Why It Works

*For me having the help whenever I need it really keeps me going. Checking in with my P4 coach keeps me focused and on track and together, we monitor my results as well as setting regular new goals. I can work out before or after work and don't have to account for extra time getting to and from the gym. Its fast, simple to use and gets results.

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Disclaimer: Results vary depending on size and body type, all plans require you to participate in a regular exercise programme and follow a healthy nutrition plan.