P4 KickStarter - Jess drops 3Kg in 30 days

Start Date

7th August 2016


Results so far

*I lost a total of 6lbs going from 9st6 to 9st!


Reasons why I signed up to the 30 day P4 KickStart Plan

*I saw the results that my friend, Jo who had done the KickStart Plan made and thought she looked incredible. I thought if a busy working Mum like Jo can do it, then there's no excuse for me not being able to do 20 minutes a day. 


Why it worked for me

*20 minutes a day was just what I needed to kickstart my day so that I started it right. I sometimes did it at the end of the day which also made me feel just as good because all I had done before was sit at my desk in the office, so it felt good to get my heartbeat up and exercise for just a short period of time.

Also, for me I really enjoy being at the gym but it can feel like a real effort sometimes (especially at the end of the day after work) so having this programme meant I could come in straight from work and complete the 20 minutes in my own front room- life made easy! 


Real convenience with amazing feel good results in just 30 days!
— Jess

Disclaimer: Results vary depending on size and body type, all plans require you to participate in a regular exercise programme and follow a healthy nutrition plan.