P4 PRO Member - Lola Drops Over 10Kg 

P4's Real Results: Lola

Start Date

April 2016


Results So Far

*I was 80kg when I started and now I am 68 kg, that's a huge 12kg drop all within 4 months!


Reasons Why I did the P4 PRO Online plan 

*I was looking for an affordable flexible Programme that can be incorporated into my routine 


Why It Worked for me

*It gave me the benefit of a personal trainer without the huge expense, thereby enabling me to continue with the programme long time.

Secondly I needed a programme that offered motivation and accountability. Knowing that Dylan was checking on me weekly ensured that I did not slack with my program or nutrition. 

P4 is a lifestyle choice for me now and I’m never going back!
— Lola - Pro Member Joined in 2016

Disclaimer: Results vary depending on size and body type, all plans require you to participate in a regular exercise programme and follow a healthy nutrition plan.