P4 KickStarter - Tuli drops 7Kg in 30 days

About Me

Plan: Kickstart 30 day plan

Date of start: 27 January 2017

Occupation: Freelance Writer & Marketing Consultant

Children: 2 daughters: 4 and 1 (or 3 & 1 at the time of the plan!)



*Over 30 days: -7kg

Most impressive inch loss: -4.5 inch waist & -3.5 inch hips


Why did I sign up?

*The desire to feel better about myself and make my husband and children proud. Realistically I have never been slim but I used to be quite fit with a curvy healthy figure. Over the past year being at home with my children and juggling other responsibilities, I fell into the trap of being very comfortable and content. Slowly the weight crept on with bad eating habits and lack of exercise using the excuse of "I don't have the time" or "I'm too exhausted to exercise". I hid behind baggy tops (very nice ones though!) teamed with anything with an elastic waist. I just wanted to wear what I want, when I want and be myself again- the only way to do that was to regain my confidence and self esteem.


The toughest part?

*The fear of failing. Will I be able to do the full 20 minutes training without collapsing? Will I lose anything when I submit my 10 day measurements? What if I don't lose much? I was very self critical- I expected too much too soon. The results do come but not overnight but definitely within the 30days... the inches slowly slip away.


The Best Part?

*The variety of exercises and the feeling of pride when I successfully completed each 20 minute session. I could see myself getting stronger, increasing in stamina and this drove more determination to succeed. Linda and Dylan made the exercises fun and even through a video really made me feel that I could do it as well as making me laugh out loud at times!

I am a very determined person so I knew I would make the time everyday to exercise even with some very challenging personal circumstances at home.  Focusing on my 20 minutes every day became part of my daily family routine-  my husband is so supportive and always took over anything I was doing in order for me to exercise and my eldest daughter sometimes joined in with the video exercises- loved those moments! Exercise became my "me time" and time to switch off.


Advice to a new starter?

*Don't even hesitate- it's not scary, it's not strenuous. It is enjoyable. Watching how you increase in fitness simply by dedicating 20 minutes to exercise in your own home and seeing the results will motivate you to keep going and do more. My life has transformed - the P4 plan laid the foundation for a full lifestyle change. My eating habits are far healthier, my daily routine incorporates some form of exercise and when I treat myself, I totally relish every minute and appreciate every part of it. The glass of wine or take away tastes even better when I know I'm working so hard all week with my diet and fitness.


The P4 plan has changed not just the way I look (I’m loving the constant compliments might I add.. one of the best bits!!) but it’s totally changed my attitude and my self esteem. I’m so happy with who I have become- my self esteem is back on a high and I am so proud of the journey I’m on and excited to see where it takes me. Thank you P4 x

Disclaimer: Results vary depending on size and body type, all plans require you to participate in a regular exercise programme and follow a healthy nutrition plan.