About Me

*I am 49 years old and a type two diabetic, I work in the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum hotel, my position is that of the Head Housekeeper. I like watching football, playing and shooting hoops with my son when I get a chance. When I get some free time now I do a workout.


Start Date 

*P4 PRO since November 2014 and see Dylan for regular sessions in person once per week. It was the start of a wonderful journey.



*When I first started with P4 my dress size was that of a 22 and I weighed in at 106kg. I had no idea I weighed so much. I now weight 88kg and can now fit into a dress size of a 14/16. The best news for me was that my diabetes now is so controlled due to my weight loss and healthy eating regime that i have just been told by my GP that I no longer need to take any medication any more. I also do not have any more aches or pains.


Why did I sign up?

*My husband Lee had met Dylan and wanted to introduce me to him, but I kept putting it off. Finally I had the courage to go and meet him and I am glad I did. I had painful knees, bad posture and was always tired and I had not trained for a good 15 years. After meeting with Dylan, he introduced me to P4. 


The Best Part?

*It works because it is a bespoke programme designed especially for me which fits in with my daily routine. You do not even have to leave your home to go to the gym. P4 helps you with your nutrition and a bespoke food plan.

I love P4 because it has given me the chance to change my lifestyle, eat healthily and feel good about myself.


I love the new me!

— Shirley

Disclaimer: Results vary depending on size and body type, all plans require you to participate in a regular exercise programme and follow a healthy nutrition plan.